Do you have a ROUND FACE? Know what jewelry truly works best for you. – Ask the Adornologist

Round shape faces are shorter and slightly wider than the Classic Oval face. These faces have gradual curving lines rather than hard angles. The recommended jewelry pieces for the inverted oval face are shared with the round face shape.

Do you have an Oblong or Oval Face? Know what jewelry truly works best for you- Ask the Adornologist

The ideal shape with the jawline softly rounded yet not too narrow and hairline to match. Lucky women who have oval shaped face can wear just about any size jewelry.  To know what jewelry truly works best for you click

No More Fear India

Varuna D Jani worked with Indian fashion stylist Neeta Lulla and TV producer AnuRanjan, in organizing the No More Fear fashion show last January at the Hotel JW Marriott in Mumbai, India. Spearheaded by Ranjan’sBeti movement, this event aims to raise funds for acid-attack and rape victims across the country.

From left to right: Varuna D Jani, Neeta Lulla, AnuRanjan


Celebrities from the entertainment industry came to conquer the catwalk for this charitable cause.

EshaDeol, Adaa Khan, Gulshan Grover, and many other celebrities walked up the ramp wearing Neeta’s dazzling outfits and showcased our very own Varuna’s specially crafted jewelry with different gemstones that express a woman’s personality.

As always, audiences were stunned as SushmitaSen entered the elevated isle with her gorgeous white dress – truly the showstopper for the evening.

The glamorous event was a success with the efforts of the organizers and personalities who volunteered to be part of the cause. More photos of the event HERE.

Women’s Day: Empowerment of Women

This coming March 8, women around the world will celebrate another good year of progress in empowering women. We consider this to a significant day for women – another milestone in fighting for equality.

In India alone, millions of Indian women don’t have the opportunity to attain education.Their participation in the workforce is low and wages are significantly lower than the salary given to men. These are just a few of thousands of reasons why advocates work hard each day to make their fellow women’s lives better.

Varuna D Jani, a women-empowerment advocate herself, had made steps to improve and empower women. Last year, she launched her VOW (Very Own Wish) initiative, a program that aimed at educating, mentoring and supporting talented and aspiring jewellery designers.
The goal of VOW is to lend a hand to talented women and offer them an opportunity to attain the knowledge and skill to achieve their dreams in designing. Varuna herself is mentoring these individuals to cultivate their skills in jewellery manufacturing and design, entrepreneurial management, personality development, etc.

Women’s Day is a day to honour women who rose up to fight for their rights. This is not just a day of relaxation but a breakthrough in increasing awareness and pushing this movement and advocacy further. Another year has come for us. Let’s do better this year.

One Outfit, Different Jewelry

If we, women, are to have our way, I’m sure we’d have closetful shoes, purses, and jewelry. We have just to have the right item to go with the right outfit for the right occasion. We need the right shade of color together with the right style of shoes to match the dress we’re wearing. Because having the right piece of jewelry and accessories complete the outfit.

Interestingly, you can also use different kinds of jewelry on the same outfit. The right kind of jewelry can help you dress up or even dress down an outfit.

When you’re off to work, accessorize with a casual piece of jewelry. Change that to a more elegant piece and you’ll be all set for a night around the town!

If you’re not too sure, go with classy and elegant diamond studs or pearls.  They’re perfect for any occasion.

Jewelry for Occasions

We all understand clothing.  We know what to wear, where to wear it, and how. We understand casual dresses, work wear and other styles of dressing.

Jewelry, on the other hand, is a little harder to figure out. People often think that jewelry can be worn for only big occasions – parties, weddings, fancy dinners, etc. But as long as you wear the right kind, jewelry works great for any occasion!

For casual occasions, keep your look relaxed. Classic, sporty, and effortless pieces are the right way to go.

For work or professional events, go with a look that is uncluttered, but strong. To overcome the often monotonous color tones of work wear, you can choose to wear some vivid colored gemstones.

When you’re going out, keep your jewelry lighter in color so your overall look will be light and fresh. And don’t be afraid to add some sparks of color, with bright stones or a bold ring.

Time and thought spent on jewelry is well worth the effort, and you’re more likely to get compliments when you get it right. It is important for every woman to understand how to make the most of your jewelry. More importantly, learn how to dress your body with confidence and style, whatever the occasion.

Jewelry and Fashion

I’m pretty sure you have had a few frustrating shopping experiences when trying to find the perfect jewelry for a certain occasion. We know it well – the effect of a well-chosen outfit can be ruined with the wrong jewelry. That’s because jewelry and fashion go hand in hand. One must compliment the other.

You need jewelry to enhance the hidden charms and lend that finishing touch to any dress. It is there to compliment the chicness of the dress, or to bring out the simplicity and elegance, and enhance the overall look of the dress. It can even be used to enhance the dullness of a dress, giving it a more attractive appeal.

A general rule of thumb is to contrast the jewelry to stand out on a plain understated outfit. And if you’re wearing something with a print, pick out a color in the print and use a gemstone of that shade to match or tone in.

The most important thing to remember is that you must feel comfortable. Whichever types of styles you choose to wear, it is important that you feel beautiful and at ease.

Ask the Adornologist – Choosing Jewelry for Your Body Structure

Just like you select clothes carefully to suit your body type, it is essential to take your height, weight, and bone structure into consideration when buying jewelry. Every individual has a very specific body type that works best with certain styles of jewelry.

A very good rule of thumb is to wear jewelry in proportion with your physical size. Larger jewelry generally looks best on larger women, while smaller jewelry tends to fit petite women best.  There are three indicators of your body scale:  (1) bone structure as seen at the wrists and ankles, (2) the size of your facial features, and (3) the amount of space your body appears to occupy.


Taller women with longer necks look great in dangle earrings or any type of elongated earring style. They can also get away with wearing larger earrings.

On the other hand, petite women can look overwhelmed if the earrings they’re wearing are too large.  Smaller faces and those who are petite will look best with smaller-sized jewelry.

This rule of thumb tends to hold true, unless the woman’s personality type matches that of the jewelry, as in a loud personality on a tiny woman. Whatever you choose, let your jewelry bring out the best in you!


When buying rings, the choices are diverse and may be overwhelming.  The variety ranges from large chunky rings to simple plain bands.  The length and size of your fingers plays an important role in deciding what will look best on you.

If you have long fingers, almost any style will look terrific on you. Go with oval or round settings to soften the look of your fingers. Wider bands are also great, for long slender fingers.

On the other hand, if you have thick fingers, huge over sized rings will look fantastic on you! And for hands with shorter fingers, choose a style in which the setting stays within the first knuckle. Oval or marquise shape stones add length to your fingers, while round solitaire settings are simple and classic.

In choosing your jewelry, remember that jewelry pieces are like picture frames.  They draw attention to whatever it is framing. Rings, bracelets and watches bring focus to beautiful and expressive hands. Neck jewelry like chains, pendants, chokers, and necklaces draw the eye to the chest, neck and even the waist. Dangling earrings or earrings with sparkling gemstones call attention to the face.

Wearing the right jewelry can help you emphasize your best features while drawing attention away from areas you may wish to keep low-profile. So use jewelry to your advantage.


Ask the Adornologist – Face Structure: Inverted Oval and Round Shape

Inverted Oval is generally oval shape with the widest point hitting below the midpoints of the sides of the face.  This means that the upper part of the face is narrower than the jawline.  These faces are close to round shape.

Round shape faces are shorter and slightly wider than the Classic Oval face.  These faces have gradual curving lines rather than hard angles.   The recommended jewelry pieces for the inverted oval face are shared with the round face shape.

Earring: Short earrings, drop earrings which end between the earlobe and the jawline are best for this face structure. If your neck is longer, the earring can extend a little longer though. Avoid long, thin linear earring as they would emphasize the roundness of your face. Why not try loops or diamond tops?

Necklaces: Necklace you should be long hitting the middle or the bottom of your breastbone. Avoid choker since that will make your face look wider. If you are wearing beads, the larger they are, the more wider they will make your face look. Wear instead a delicate and elegant neck piece for the best look.

Ask the Adornologist – Face Structure: The Classic Oval Shape

The ideal shape with the jawline softly rounded yet not too narrow and hairline to match. Lucky women who have oval shaped face can wear just about any size jewelry. This is also dependent on the length of your neck.

Earring: Classic Oval face shape can carry any type of jewelry. It would entirely depend on the outfit that you are wearing. Wear a chandelier earring with glittering diamonds if you are wearing an outfit with a deep neckline… or wear animal inspired motif earring for example: a butterfly earring for a grand effect or art-décor kind of jewelry.

Necklace: As you are one of the lucky women who has a classic face shape do wear a choker if your neckline is deep and a multi-strand diamond necklace if your neckline is medium. An illusion neck piece with shimmering diamonds look best to add the flash to your beauty!

A Bride’s Guide to Jewelry

It’s the most important day of every woman’s life.  Everything’s got to be perfect – your look, your dress, your jewelry.  Here’s a practical guide to choosing the perfect jewelry for your wedding.

  1. Sieve your personality

    The best place to start planning your look is to sift through your personality.  Choose the overall look for your wedding based on the kind of bride you want to be – Classic, Romantic, Trendsetter, or Natural Style.

  2. Suit your body and face structure.

  3. Identify your body and face type.  The right kind of jewelry works with your body rather than against it.  It can be used to bring out your beauty.

    Petite Women should use collar length or longer necklaces.  Long styles draw the eye downward   making you appear taller.





    Women of Average Height can pick necklaces of any length, except those that rest on the breast.  Choose wider bracelets rather than the narrow ones.



    Tall Women  find chokers the most flattering.  They help de-emphasize the height.  Long dangling earrings also often complement the tall body structure.



  4. Choose your dress first.

  5. Most importantly, before choosing your jewelry, you need to pick your wedding dress.  Here are a few points to consider:

    • If your gown is very traditional with dominant embroidery, it is best to choose jewelry shapes that complement the patterns. If the dress has lots of sequins or embroidery, pick a single strand of necklace with a statement pendant.


    • If your dress is leaning towards the simple side, choose jewelry that is more elaborate.  Pick a focal point – a large necklace or earrings – and coordinate the rest of the pieces around it.

‘Colors of Life’ at India Resort Fashion Week 2012

Avant garde Jewellery designer Varuna D Jani unveils her ‘Colors of Life’ collection on the 28th of November 2012 at the second edition of India Resort Fashion Week 2012, Goa.

Varuna D Jani’s stately and flamboyant jewellery is sculpted for the confident woman who is a trendsetter. She exudes the essence of contemporary elegance whilst retaining a timeless and classic feel. At the second edition of India Resort Fashion Week Varuna will showcase her V-Rock and VOW collection amidst a night’s extravaganza of ribbon dancers and an eclectic international singer.

Taking inspiration from a spectrum of colours, her show is an amalgamation of precious stones in all hues. From young and fresh colourful V Rock jewellery, the collection changes to the VOW – Very Own Wish bangles, interchangeable and versatile jewellery for your everyday luxury.

Varuna brings to life the possibility of crafting a beautiful piece of jewellery whose design could be altered to produce a different look for the wearer or put to multiple uses.  Each handcrafted piece in the Varuna D Jani VOW collection is designed to be multi-occasional. Each part is made to compliment the other. The result is a unique combination of accessible luxury: easy to wear superlative jewellery with a high style quotient.

Lastly, the collection will conclude with Varuna D Jani bespoke jewels. Pieces created for the modern sophisticated woman who wants to make a statement. Flamboyant jewellery in necklaces, earrings and bracelets set to make heads turn, sculpted for the confident woman who is a trendsetter and a woman who exudes the essence of contemporary elegance whilst retaining a timeless and classic feel.

About the Adornologist – Bespoke Jewellery designer Varuna D Jani

1)  Who is an Adornologist?

An Adornologist is a professional, widely respected and reliable, with vast knowledge in jewelry, fashion, and human aesthetics.  Her main aim is to beautify people helping them select the best jewelry that suits them and their personality. An adornologist helps her customers take the right decision.

The difference between an adornologist and a jeweller is like the difference between a fashion designer and a tailor. A good tailor can evolve to be a fashion designer but all tailors cannot be called fashion designers.

2)    Why Adornologist?

Varuna D Jani realised that women often end up buying jewellery without complete information. Decision to purchase is often driven by what they have seen on other women or heard from them. They get partial or inaccurate facts from their family jewellers and end up compromising on the quality and aesthetics of their purchase.

Till date women don’t understand the simple fact that just like they are unique, their jewelry should be unique too.

They need to understand that factors such as personality, body structure, face structure, occasions, etc. play a very important part as today a choice of jewelry reflects the woman herself.

With the years of expertise Varuna D Jani aims to help those women who are constantly looking to beautify themselves and the ones who know what style is but just need some guidance on the same.

1)    Pressing Need Today

Down the ages jewelry has been a symbol of fashion and romance.  Wearing a shimmering piece or ornament completes the dressing for any special occasion.  Jewelry of any kind makes a fashion statement.

No matter how much ever women debate, the truth is every woman loves to beautify herself and what better way to beautify then wearing a perfect piece of jewelry that suits her.

Today’s woman is an evolved woman. She is not just realistic but is also versatile. Extraordinary and expressive, she wants to flaunt what she has. And that includes her jewelry too.

Fashion trends change, and she doesn’t want to be stuck with a wrong purchase of a high-priced item. On the other hand, she doesn’t want to break her ancestral jewelry due to the sentiments attached to itShe does not believe in formal jewelry which she can wear only occasionally. She wants her jewelry to be like her – versatile yet practical.

Today jewelry is not about a particular occasion; today jewelry reflects her individualism and style.  Varuna as an Adornologist connects to every women giving them details and accurate reasons of buying / not buying a particular piece of jewelry.

As an ‘Adornologist’ she shares her views and adorns women who wish to take the right decisions on important aspects such as Face Structure, Body Structure, Personalities, Skin tone and more

The ‘Adornologist’ – Varuna D Jani

Every woman who desires a new piece of jewelry is often faced with the questions; What looks good? What kind of jewelry would be apt for a certain look or occasion? What suits one’s face structure the best? Should you opt for colored stones, uncut jewelry and what kind of metal should your gems be set in? Even though we have a variety of design labels to choose from, no jeweller recommends or gives their clients that personalized attention to details of adorning.

I realized that women often end up buying jewellery without complete information. Decision to purchase is often driven by what they have seen on other women or heard from them. They get partial or inaccurate facts from their family jewellers and end up compromising on the quality of their purchase. I also recognized that “different women have different needs”. The choice of jewellery needs to be different based on each individual’s personality and face structure. Again, this expertise is unavailable to most women when they make their purchase decision based on current fads and trends.

Being an Adornologist, I believe in imparting knowledge that I have accumulated over years and give her (The Women) recommendations on jewelry that suit individual personality and believe in building trust one at a time.

When you go into a Varuna D Jani store, I personally attend to my clients and before suggesting any products I believe in consulting with them by understanding their needs and personality. I observe their face and body structure and then make informed recommendations on what kind of jewellery suits them best.

I take pride in saying that, my years of expertise in the field make me uniquely qualified to answer any questions that you might have. From quality and grade of diamonds to craftsmanship and detailing of the jewellery, every interaction with me is transparent and comprehensive. Based on which, women who meet me once leave with a certain trust that is built, that I choose to see as the reason that keeps them coming back, for more information and advice which I gladly and surely will council them with. Because for me TRUST shines brighter then any diamond and its that trust as an Adornologist I believe in polishing to its best.

Ask the Adornologist – The Naturalist

You prefer natural style, which is charming, alluring and so very real. Choosing practicality over fashion yet your understated elegance give a look of effortless style and appeal.