The ‘Adornologist’ – Varuna D Jani

Every woman who desires a new piece of jewelry is often faced with the questions; What looks good? What kind of jewelry would be apt for a certain look or occasion? What suits one’s face structure the best? Should you opt for colored stones, uncut jewelry and what kind of metal should your gems be set in? Even though we have a variety of design labels to choose from, no jeweller recommends or gives their clients that personalized attention to details of adorning.

I realized that women often end up buying jewellery without complete information. Decision to purchase is often driven by what they have seen on other women or heard from them. They get partial or inaccurate facts from their family jewellers and end up compromising on the quality of their purchase. I also recognized that “different women have different needs”. The choice of jewellery needs to be different based on each individual’s personality and face structure. Again, this expertise is unavailable to most women when they make their purchase decision based on current fads and trends.

Being an Adornologist, I believe in imparting knowledge that I have accumulated over years and give her (The Women) recommendations on jewelry that suit individual personality and believe in building trust one at a time.

When you go into a Varuna D Jani store, I personally attend to my clients and before suggesting any products I believe in consulting with them by understanding their needs and personality. I observe their face and body structure and then make informed recommendations on what kind of jewellery suits them best.

I take pride in saying that, my years of expertise in the field make me uniquely qualified to answer any questions that you might have. From quality and grade of diamonds to craftsmanship and detailing of the jewellery, every interaction with me is transparent and comprehensive. Based on which, women who meet me once leave with a certain trust that is built, that I choose to see as the reason that keeps them coming back, for more information and advice which I gladly and surely will council them with. Because for me TRUST shines brighter then any diamond and its that trust as an Adornologist I believe in polishing to its best.

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