About the Adornologist – Bespoke Jewellery designer Varuna D Jani

1)  Who is an Adornologist?

An Adornologist is a professional, widely respected and reliable, with vast knowledge in jewelry, fashion, and human aesthetics.  Her main aim is to beautify people helping them select the best jewelry that suits them and their personality. An adornologist helps her customers take the right decision.

The difference between an adornologist and a jeweller is like the difference between a fashion designer and a tailor. A good tailor can evolve to be a fashion designer but all tailors cannot be called fashion designers.

2)    Why Adornologist?

Varuna D Jani realised that women often end up buying jewellery without complete information. Decision to purchase is often driven by what they have seen on other women or heard from them. They get partial or inaccurate facts from their family jewellers and end up compromising on the quality and aesthetics of their purchase.

Till date women don’t understand the simple fact that just like they are unique, their jewelry should be unique too.

They need to understand that factors such as personality, body structure, face structure, occasions, etc. play a very important part as today a choice of jewelry reflects the woman herself.

With the years of expertise Varuna D Jani aims to help those women who are constantly looking to beautify themselves and the ones who know what style is but just need some guidance on the same.

1)    Pressing Need Today

Down the ages jewelry has been a symbol of fashion and romance.  Wearing a shimmering piece or ornament completes the dressing for any special occasion.  Jewelry of any kind makes a fashion statement.

No matter how much ever women debate, the truth is every woman loves to beautify herself and what better way to beautify then wearing a perfect piece of jewelry that suits her.

Today’s woman is an evolved woman. She is not just realistic but is also versatile. Extraordinary and expressive, she wants to flaunt what she has. And that includes her jewelry too.

Fashion trends change, and she doesn’t want to be stuck with a wrong purchase of a high-priced item. On the other hand, she doesn’t want to break her ancestral jewelry due to the sentiments attached to itShe does not believe in formal jewelry which she can wear only occasionally. She wants her jewelry to be like her – versatile yet practical.

Today jewelry is not about a particular occasion; today jewelry reflects her individualism and style.  Varuna as an Adornologist connects to every women giving them details and accurate reasons of buying / not buying a particular piece of jewelry.

As an ‘Adornologist’ she shares her views and adorns women who wish to take the right decisions on important aspects such as Face Structure, Body Structure, Personalities, Skin tone and more

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