A Bride’s Guide to Jewelry

It’s the most important day of every woman’s life.  Everything’s got to be perfect – your look, your dress, your jewelry.  Here’s a practical guide to choosing the perfect jewelry for your wedding.

  1. Sieve your personality

    The best place to start planning your look is to sift through your personality.  Choose the overall look for your wedding based on the kind of bride you want to be – Classic, Romantic, Trendsetter, or Natural Style.

  2. Suit your body and face structure.

  3. Identify your body and face type.  The right kind of jewelry works with your body rather than against it.  It can be used to bring out your beauty.

    Petite Women should use collar length or longer necklaces.  Long styles draw the eye downward   making you appear taller.





    Women of Average Height can pick necklaces of any length, except those that rest on the breast.  Choose wider bracelets rather than the narrow ones.



    Tall Women  find chokers the most flattering.  They help de-emphasize the height.  Long dangling earrings also often complement the tall body structure.



  4. Choose your dress first.

  5. Most importantly, before choosing your jewelry, you need to pick your wedding dress.  Here are a few points to consider:

    • If your gown is very traditional with dominant embroidery, it is best to choose jewelry shapes that complement the patterns. If the dress has lots of sequins or embroidery, pick a single strand of necklace with a statement pendant.


    • If your dress is leaning towards the simple side, choose jewelry that is more elaborate.  Pick a focal point – a large necklace or earrings – and coordinate the rest of the pieces around it.

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