Ask the Adornologist – Face Structure: Inverted Oval and Round Shape

Inverted Oval is generally oval shape with the widest point hitting below the midpoints of the sides of the face.  This means that the upper part of the face is narrower than the jawline.  These faces are close to round shape.

Round shape faces are shorter and slightly wider than the Classic Oval face.  These faces have gradual curving lines rather than hard angles.   The recommended jewelry pieces for the inverted oval face are shared with the round face shape.

Earring: Short earrings, drop earrings which end between the earlobe and the jawline are best for this face structure. If your neck is longer, the earring can extend a little longer though. Avoid long, thin linear earring as they would emphasize the roundness of your face. Why not try loops or diamond tops?

Necklaces: Necklace you should be long hitting the middle or the bottom of your breastbone. Avoid choker since that will make your face look wider. If you are wearing beads, the larger they are, the more wider they will make your face look. Wear instead a delicate and elegant neck piece for the best look.

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