Ask the Adornologist – The Romantic

An epitome of understated feminine charm and love everything dainty. You are confident with a keen eye for fashion although you, by choice, don’t want to look like the trendsetter. Opt for sparkling pieces which are delicate and exude feminity.

Ask the Adornologist – The TrendSetter

You are an extrovert, effortlessly stylish, confident and outspoken. You can carry attention grabbing clothes and accessories with elan and style. You set a trend and are not afraid to wear big, bold jewelry pieces.

Story of Earrings

Jewellery has always made women feel beautiful and confident and has always been the epitome of beauty and sensuality. Women love to beautify themselves with jewelry from the time they have been little girls rumbling through their mother’s jewellery boxes.

Women are passionate about Jewellery as it represents a symbol of femininity and even social status. Jewellery radiates their inner beauty by adorning the neck, forehead, ears, hands, waist and feet
If there is one thing in a woman’s outfit which represents her essence and self-determination, it’s the earrings. Sparkling ones, dangling with every movement and adding intensity to a woman’s appearance, the earrings have a unique way of adding attraction to your appearance.

Choosing the right piece of earrings makes a woman look more glamorised and complete. Varuna D Jani, your personal Adornologist, can guide you on the kind of earrings you should buy, the occasion for which you are buying , your face shape, personality and so much more. Here are 5 types of earrings that can be worn in a variety of ways


A pair of Jhumkas – can transform even the simplest outfit. They can never go out of style. They are available in various sizes and styles. Best advice is to pick one that suits your face. Wear it alone with a tunic and jeans for a casual look or pair it with stacked gold bangles or a statement ring for an occasion that’s a bit traditional. Jhumkas are often the brides favourite when opting for the traditional look. They often reflect legacy as they are passed from one generation to another.

Diamond Studs

A pair of diamond studs are a must have for every woman. They keep you covered on all those inevitable occasions throughout one’s lifetime- from weddings to birthday bashes – They help to add that subtle sparkle to your outfit it is the diamonds in the studs that make all the difference to the earrings. The finest diamonds are colorless, rare and expensive, Diamonds with fewer flaws (inclusions) are rare and therefore more highly prized and more than any other attribute, it is the Cut that makes a diamond brilliant and beautiful. A diamond that is well cut reflects light internally and displays a dazzling shower of light back through the top of the stone.


These fun earrings can be worn at any time that you feel like expressing yourself and lend themselves especially well to formal occasions when you wear your hair up. If you are attending a special party or dance, why not look for that special glamorous dangly earrings that will really help you stand out from the crowd.
The length of chandelier earrings that you choose to wear will depend on your outfit, where you are going and what length will most flatter the length of your neck. Long is beautiful but these earrings should definitely never be longer than your neck or you could end up looking like you’re being dragged down by the weight of your earrings!


Stilettoes can be treasured by all women. Prepare yourself for envious eyes and let these delicate yet glamorous creations add a sharp look to your personality.







These classic yet stylish earrings are good for daily wear and they complement with both Indian outfit and Western dresses.

Ask the Expert

Varuna D Jani realised that women often end up buying jewellery without complete information. Decision to purchase is often driven by what they have seen on other women or heard from them. They get partial or inaccurate facts from their family jewellers and end up compromising on the quality of their purchase.

Varuna also recognised that different women have different needs. And the choice of jewellery needs to be different based on their individual personalities and face structures. Again, this expertise is unavailable to most women when they are making their purchase decision.

Which is why, she decided to focus on delivering a unique buying experience along with superior quality of the product. When you go into a Varuna D Jani store, she attends to you personally. And before suggesting any products, she understands your needs and personality. She observes your face and body structure and then makes informed recommendations on what kind of jewellery suits you best.

 Her years of expertise in the field enable her to answer any questions that you might have, From quality and grade of diamonds to craftsmanship and detailing of the jewellery. Every interaction with Varuna D Jani is transparent and comprehensive,which is why, women who meet her once keep coming back, for more information and advice.
In many ways, Varuna D Jani is completely changing the way diamond jewellery is bought and sold in India. So if you have any doubts about diamonds or diamond jewellery, don’t just keep them to yourself, just ask the expert. And you’ll experience the difference that an expert opinion can make.

My Secret to Success

To begin with, there is no secret to success. We all know what makes a winner tick….but most of us prefer to forget the success mantras.

It is not everyone who gets a life like the way she/he wanted. I didn’t too. My plans for future were always at cross purposes with the way my life was actually panning out. I always wanted to do something of my own, to have a sense of identity of self. And that’s why perhaps; I took such a keen interest in my father’s jewelry business since a young age of eight.

But God had other plans for me. Thankfully, I had learned early in life, to go along with God’s plan. I got married to a wonderful man and settled down to a blissful married life in Dubai.

Even though all my needs were more than taken care of, my deep desire to have an identity of my own began to nudge me. As years passed and my three children grew up, the nudge became stronger.

It was at this time my ailing father summoned me to help him in the business. I plunged into the business. Soon life left me with just two choices. I was forced to choose either an easy path or the right path. After much deliberation, I choose the right path which was not easy.

Sticking to that decision was more difficult than it was making that decision. It was at this time I realized that there was no way I could carry on the way I have all these years. I had to change.

But I did not change. I underwent a complete transformation. I had a passion for jewelry and with all the knowledge I had gathered all these years, I put it to good use.

The next most important quality for success is Focus. A laser beam focus calls for a determined effort every single day. But this was just the beginning. My love for jewelry swept me and soon I was living it. I began dreaming about the designs, became a voracious reader of management books. This helped me to apply these management techniques to my profession and sharpen my business acumen as well.


 You must enjoy what you are doing. This will help you even when you hit a low point at work. But if your work does not excite you, you have lost even before you have begun.

The other important quality that is a must for success is change. As I always say “In change we shall grow”. And the last mantra for success is God has a fantastic plan for all of us, so go along with the plan he has for us.

Poem by Varuna D Jani


Born to fly,

Women are vessels from where life began,

She has strength that amazes everyman.

She holds happiness, love and opinions,

She brings sparkle in the life of millions.

But, within her lies in the deep secret,

Her determination to come out victorious.

She can’t carry forward her family name,

But, surely can bring her family fame.

There is only one thing wrong with her,

She forgets what she is worth.

For a woman need not give up anything,

She is born to fly.

What’s your personality?

Every face and body has a unique structure. Geometrical shapes like sharp angles, straight lines convey authority, while classic conservative designs like small loops, classic pearls look professional and to look more approachable.. Jewelry pieces with movement, like chandeliers, large loops, big and bold jewelry lend approachability.

Choosing a new piece of jewellery for yourself is never easy. There are so many things to consider. Shape, size, occasion, fashions, expectations, price, etc.

Selecting the right piece of jewellery is as much an art, as making it.

Today you have enough to choose from, provided you understand your own body and choose pieces that suit your personality.

The Trendsetter

You are an extrovert, effortlessly stylish, confident and outspoken.  You can carry attention grabbing clothes and accessories with elan and style.  You set a trend and are not afraid to wear big, bold jewelry pieces.

Suggested Jewelry style  : Broad, bright colored Bracelets or bangles,  layers of long chain link metal necklaces and of course dramatic earrings.


The Romantic

An epitome of understated feminine charm you  love everything dainty.  You are confident with a keen eye for fashion although you, by choice, don’t want to look like the trendsetter. You  Opt for sparkling pieces which are delicate and exude feminity.

Suggested Jewelry style: Art deco inspired jewelry such s linked bracelets, drop earring and chokers.  For casual wear it is all about poise and grace in the form of delicate pendant necklaces or chandelier earrings.

The Classic:

Being the purveyor of true jewelry, you are an ardent supporter of timeless pieces and heirloom jewelry.  You do not follow fashion trends and prefer quality to quantity.  You are constantly in look out for newer creations of classic styles.

Suggested Jewelry style: Pearl necklace strands, tennis and charm bracelets, basic curves bangles.  For an updated twist to classic jewelry try jewelry that are a few sizes larger than what you normally wear.

The Naturalist:

You prefer natural style, which is charming, alluring and so very real. You Choose practicality over fashion and yet your understated elegance gives a look of effortless style and appeal.

Suggested Jewelry style: Lots of thin bangles and bracelets, multiple long pendant and beaded necklaces and oversized light weight earrings in natural materials.

Selecting your jewelry over a period of time will help you build a personal jewelry wardrobe which will reflect your own personality every time.  Investing in good quality pieces of jewelry, that suit your natural features and personality will help bring out the diva hidden deep within you.  Come help yourself, be guided, it’s your time now to be the Head Turner you always wanted to be…

Loop Festival

The very essence of Varuna D Jani is pushing back the boundaries of creation to create unique designs for women. She wants her jewelry to be just like her – young and trendy.

10th August, 2012: An Avant Garde Jewellery designer and expert, Varuna D Jani  presents to you the “Loop Collection” as a distinct collection  of the Varuna D Jani brand. This collection captures the creative essence of the brand, celebrating its heritage whilst continuing to deliver an exceptional personalized customer experience.

Some of the celebrities spotted at the launch where KiranBawa, ShaadRandhawa, Bhagyashree, Neeta Luula, Sheeba, JasveerKaur, Neena Gupta, PreetiJhangiani, Anu and ShashiRanjan and VenugopalDhoot.

The whole store was decorated with lights.Amongst the specials were models from Australia who displayed the Loop Collection. Every guest who came in sipped the cocktails and mocktails and loved the appetizers.

Varuna D Jani also announced AnushkaRanjan as the brand ambassador for the Loop Collection.

Women today want to achieve maximum value of jewellery and want to invest in what they will treasure all their lives. With this thought, exclusive “Loop Collection” designed as an “Every day luxury collection from Rs.50, 000 onwards”was launched.

Varuna D Jani’s stately and flamboyant jewellery is sculpted for the confident woman, who is a trendsetter and  who exudes the essence of contemporary elegance whilst retaining a timeless and classic feel.

Brand ‘Varuna D Jani’ is ushering a new wave of luxury in India by being synonymous with excellence in quality and rendering a unique style that will remain etched in the minds of people forever.

Launch of Vow Initiative

VOW pledges to help in guarding dreams and nurturing them till they become realities.
8th Aug 2012: Varuna D Jani announced her top students selected for the Vow Initiative, at the grand launch at Blue Frog, Mumbai. Reputed personalities from the jewelry industry like VasantBhai Mehta – Chairman of IIGJ and GautamGulati – COO of Kiah, were present along with the students and parents.

The VOW initiative is in honourof Varuna’s father, renowned jeweller Mr.RamchandPopley, one of India’s most trusted and respected jewelers since 1927. This first of its kind program is

aimed at educating, mentoring and supporting, talented and aspiring jewelry designers.

The initiative is rooted from the realization that there is a lack of support for aspiring jewelery designers to create a niche for their work and themselves. The VOW initiative is aimed at offering ten young aspiring designers with the skills and education required in jewelery making and building a successful brand

VOW Initiative

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”

Varuna D Jani, an ace jewelry expert and designer announces her VOW (Very Own Wish) initiative. This first of its kind program is aimed at educating, mentoring and supporting, talented and aspiring jewelry designers. Spearheaded by Varuna herself this program is open to all talented designers with a passion for successfully building their own brand.

The objective behind Vow Initiative is to help the potential designers of tomorrow break free from the insecurity of societal and financial pressures and offer them an opportunity that gives them freedom, knowledge and skill to achieve their dreams.

The program will offer training in all aspects of design, communication, aesthetics, business planning, entrepreneurial and managerial skills, with customer interaction, exposure to media, manufacturing jewelry, market survey and personality development.

Along with training, this program will give the individuals a chance to visit and participate in various exhibitions and trade shows. The trainees will learn the ropes which will help them build and manage their own individual collection.    They also get a chance to showcase their collection under their own label at a bespoke fashion show. Varuna will choose four talented designers out of the ten and help them build their brand.

“It is a first of its kind endeavour that will benefit generations of designers and provide the industry with trained professionals to carry forward what we have started”.


“VOW is a kind of jewelry that mother and daughter can wear in terms of concept, as jewelry is not about age, it’s about taste and it’s about style.”

Today’s woman is an evolved woman. She is not just realistic but is also versatile. Extraordinary and expressive, she wants to flaunt what she has. And that includes her jewelry too.

Fashion trends change, and she doesn’t want to be stuck with a wrong purchase of a high-priced item. On the other hand, she doesn’t want to break her ancestral jewelry due to the sentiments attached to it.
She does not believe in formal jewelry which she can wear only occasionally. She wants her jewelry to be like her – versatile yet practical.


‘VOW’ range of jewelry is the perfect g collection for her.

‘VOW’ is anexclusive range of collection that is multi-purpose and multi-wearable. It has a unique technology which allows one to transform a heavy necklace into a semi-formal one and further into a casual one in an instant, making it look different each time. The jewelry can also be upgraded at 1/3rd its value giving the woman the ultimate pleasure of using her jewelry as per her desires.

‘VOW’ comes as the perfect answer to the beautiful woman of today who wants to create the jewelry she likes, at the price she wants and for the occasion she desires.

VOW is sensible, smart and sexy, launched in two formats ‘Modular Gold Jewelry’- in gold and ‘Create a Jewel’ in diamond. Jewelry is available in both lighter weight diamonds sets and heavier weight gold sets.

With VOW Varuna stands true to her belief – “I don’t design Jewelry…I design dreams”

Varuna D Jani

“When dreams direct your life, your life reflects your dream. Passion is the dream which you see with your eyes open.”

It is often said, “A woman wears her personality like jewellery”. Understanding and cherishing this very essence of individuality, Varuna D Jani is a woman on a mission.

Varuna D Jani who represents the next generation ofPopley (daughter of RamchandPopley -founder and owner of Popley – the legendary brand), started her love affair with jewelry from a tender age. Shooing away childish indulgences, Varuna immersed herself into jewelry designing and craftsmanship. Her practical experience which is so rarely found amongst designers, led her to experiment, innovate and come out with her own brand of exclusive couture jewelry. Her brand of jewelry was acclaimed of being a breath of fresh air, not amongst the “rat race”, full of plagiarism and devoid of technical know-how or craftsmanship.   Of course! She not only sky rocketed to fame but also stood her ground in this fickle world.

Varuna’s unique designs are a blend of Indian and international sensibilities. They bring a “woman’s” perspective to craftsmanship and detailing. Special care is taken to use minimum metal in the mountings to ensure that the brilliance of the diamonds stand out. Her designs are elaborate, yet extremely light and wearable. Her jewelry pieces once sold are never customized pieces are  created keeping the wearer’s personality and requirements in mind.. Her Luxury Collection consists of bold avant-garde pieces made for women who want to make a statement

With a desire to bring interchangeability into vogue, Varuna D Jani has earned repute for creating VOW (Very Own Wish), an inimitable line of jewellery, that is not just revolutionary and versatile, but also breathtaking from every angle.

Awarded as the Woman Super Achiever in Asia Award, Brand Leadership Award and Retail Jeweler India award in the category of Best Diamond VivaahJewlery, she made her mark assuring that every creation from the house of Varuna D Jani comes with a guarantee of purity.